Top 5: Destinations – Playboy Plus

Angel Constance, Katie Jean, Marlee May, Olivia Preston And Tara Lynn Top 5 Destinations Playboy Plus (3)

Models: Angel Constance, Katie Jean, Marlee May, Olivia Preston and Tara Lynn

Travel around the world with Playboy Plus models in this week’s Top 5 Destinations Special Edition gallery. If there’s one thing Olivia Preston, Angel Constance, Marlee May, Katie Jean, and Tara Lynn all have in common, it’s a sense of adventure. “This is the best job I’ve ever had,” laughs our 2018 Playboy Muse of the Year, Olivia Preston, while on location on in Bali, Indonesia. “I honestly don’t want to go home! I think my ideal guy would be available to travel around the world with me to all of these beautiful locations — and that’s hard to find!” We also bring back 2019 Playboy Muse of the Year, Angel Constance, on location in Morocco. “I am here in this gorgeous, traditional Moroccan home, way up in the Atlas Mountains, and it’s just incredible,” she says on set. “[Morocco is] this gorgeous place with unreal people, amazing culture, and food. It’s so vibrant! To get the opportunity to explore this place and shoot in it was an honor.” Want to see more? Keep traveling to Australia and Mexico with Marlee, Katie, and Tara, right here on Playboy Plus.

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