Selene is Sweet in the Sheets – Playboy Plus

Selene Is Sweet In The Sheets Playboy Plus (4)

It’s a beautiful day to get to know Newcomer, Selene. On the location of a small cottage in Los Angeles, Selene poses beautifully for the photographer, Madeline Northway’s camera. “What makes me, ‘me,’ is my sense of humor. I find people with a sense of humor extraordinarily charming and intelligent, so I would like to think those qualities apply to me,” she says. “My passion? I’ve always been passionate about entrepreneurship and helping people.” Completely comfortable in front of our cameras, Selene reflects on her time on set. “I was nervous about sharing creative control with someone, but the whole experience has been seamless and professional,” she says. “I believe being nude is one of the most vulnerable moments in life. Taking ‘nudies’ for myself and posing nude has allowed me to create a healthy relationship with my body because I don’t shy away from it. If anything, I have a hard time putting on clothes now,” she adds with a laugh. Want to see more from Selene? Stay tuned, right here on!

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