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While Mr. Handsome watches with a happy smile, Poppy tells us her very intimate looning story and what really turns her on. We are happy to be able to ..., Lia L. in Action 1, Lia L. in Action 1

The Kind of Gun There Is No License for! We find hottie Lia in her very cosy flat, on her couch, doing very nice things with her hands… by that we ... – Laney & Blake & Rex – The threesome champion – Laney & Blake & Rex – The threesome champion

We have two Australian girls with an insatiable appetite for new adventures. And because traveling can lead to crazy new experiences, this time they a ... – Truth or Dare – Truth or Dare

What’s your most seductive look? Your favorite erogenous zone? Can you nibble on someone’s earlobe till they moan? These questions are not for the fai ... – Interview with Agave – Interview with Agave

Switching Sides The agile Italian Agave is enchanted by the exciting nightlife in Berlin and the many exciting encounters in the night bars of the ... – Lustery: Matt & Peach – Lustery: Matt & Peach

Matt and Peach are madly in love ­– they can hardly keep their hands off each other. If it were up to them, they'd have sex all the time, wherever the ..., Paola C. & Denise in Action 2, Paola C. & Denise in Action 2

Intimate Moments: Spanish Eyes and Spanish Pussies Denise’s vagina is not ready to be finished after what Paola’s face did with her in part one of ..., Selina S. & Rylee in Action 2, Selina S. & Rylee in Action 2

Revenge on Rylee After Canadian girl Rylee proved her dominance over the Swedish Selina, the sound of orgasmic moans is already in the air. Now it’ ... – Denise & Paola C. – Denise & Paola C.

Intimate Moments: Don’t Talk Much, Let’s Fuck! Paola and Denise from the South of Spain don’t just have very cute accents, they also wow us with th ..., Interview with Lia L., Interview with Lia L.

A Remote-Controlled Hammer-Shaped Sex Toy to Fulfil Any Girls Dreams Lia from Berlin leads a double life – during the day she works as a physiother ... – Lustery: Kim & Paolo – Lustery: Kim & Paolo

Kim and Paolo have been inseparable for some time. But actually, they're no ordinary couple. – their relationship is mainly based on sex. They do it a ... – Lustery: Anais & Arturo – Lustery: Anais & Arturo

Anais and Arturo live in Mexico. At first, they seemed shy and reserved, but their first kiss was enough to change that. Tentative tongue play and gen ... – Lustery: Molly & Jon – Lustery: Molly & Jon

Molly and Jon briefly wave to the camera, and then the action starts. Jon covers his Molly with hot kisses, and in turn Molly gets down to business, e ..., Maike in Action 2, Maike in Action 2

Maike, let your Hair Down What could be better than fingering yourself naked on the couch on a cozy evening? Only one, and that’s when we are there ... – Kay Reva in Action 2 – Kay Reva in Action 2

Intimate Moments: Wet, Wetter, Kay Reva We join the hot American girl, out of breath from how sexy and amazing the first part of her shoot with Ers ...