Sarah Mollica In Back To Classic Playboy Plus (4)
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12 September 2020

Sarah Mollica in Back to Classic – Playboy Plus

“I like to think I’m really funny,” smiles Sarah Mollica on location for her second solo pictorial. On the set of a garage in Los Angeles with the photographer, Emmy Pickett, Sarah tells us more about herself as she poses among classic cars. A professional model from Fresno, Sarah, can usually be found on a set, traveling, cooking, or relaxing. “I love nothing more than snacking in bed watching movies,” she says. “I’m really weird,” she adds with a laugh. When it comes to first dates, Sarah enjoys something low-key. “My perfect first date? Dinner and drinks in a comfortable (not fancy) place,” she says. “[I look for] somebody soft and confident. They have to be a lover!” Want to learn more about Sarah? Check out her previous pictorial, right here on Playboy Plus!

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