Playboy Plus | Mashup: Animal Instincts Vol. 1

Iana Little, Justine Miller, Meghan Leopard, Sapphira (1)

Models: Iana Little, Justine Miller, Meghan Leopard, Sapphira

Blissfully unaware of your predicament, you’ve found yourself in the throes of our leopardesses and they’re ready to pounce, this Mashup Sunday. First up, International model Sapphira hunts using a quiet but deadly technique that requires simply unfastening her leopard-printed leotard, while Cybergirl Iana Little unties her bikini and sneaks up on you. Using the power of seduction and sexy knee-high boots, petite Justine Miller is a lonely sex kitten looking for a mate and last but not least, watch out for all-natural Meghan Leopard because when she wears her red lingerie it means she’s not going home alone tonight. Follow your animal instincts with our wild temptresses, right here on Playboy Plus.

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