Lustery – Nina & Julieta – Tub Thumping

Lustery Nina & Julieta Tub Thumping

It’s been nearly two years since their Lustery debut, but Nina and Julietta’s passion is clearly as strong as ever. Now living together in Marsailles, the sultry lesbians begin their follow-up video by sensually washing each other in the bathtub. Things escalate quickly when they move to the bedroom, where the kinky couple break out the handcuffs, strap-on, and whip for some typically creative play!

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2 thoughts on “Lustery – Nina & Julieta – Tub Thumping

  1. very beautiful and sensual.i adored the video and i have a request can u please post the first video by the couple
    called pretty in kink ep83 lustery and plz get back to uploading the videos on gunlimited
    the aparrat one doesn’t work with me
    thankx a lot

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