Natt Chanapa
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31 May 2019

Natt Chanapa Sex Tape

Natt Chanapa (also known as Nong Natt [น้องแนท])is a Thai adult model and porn star. She is best known for her 2004 arrest for appearing in porn.
Chanapa’s particular infamy surrounds pornographic videos released outside Thailand and brought into the mainland. These videos led to her arrest and prosecution by the Thai government. The video featured her in an appearance in a hardcore porn movie with a Japanese man (illegal in Thailand). It was revealed that modeling and advertising companies, magazines and television programs have been offering her six-digit sums for modeling work since the accusation made media headlines. She eventually had to pay a fine, received a suspended 6-month sentence, and probation for a year. Chanapa did not receive harsh punishment due to her popularity and lack of public outcry concerning her actions that lead to her arrest.

In 2007, her sex video spread in the Philippines via the internet and cellphone videos. Natt Chanapa as she is known in the Philippines has a very close resemblance to Angel Locsin, a leading showbiz actress and endorser in the Philippines. Despite having a ‘sexy’ image, Locsin is not an adult actress. It was later proven that the woman in the video was indeed Chanapa.