Naked News, Wednesday May 20, 2020

Naked News, Wednesday May 20, 2020

I’m Eila Adams, welcome everyone. Fans of this show will have seen me work out MANY times, and while we all know my Flex Appeal workouts are the best, they aren’t the ONLY workout videos getting attention lately! Mike Tyson has also made an impression, and according to Frankie and her Naked Sports report, it’s fueling speculation of a comeback!

Mike Tyson may be approaching his golden years, but it seems he’s still Iron Mike. Recently posted videos of the fifty-three-year-old training not only have millions of views, they have millions of people talking! Especially with the way he ended THIS ONE!

That was enough to get fans excited, and Tyson has kept fanning the flames. During an Instagram Live chat with T.I., he explicitly said “I think I’m going to box some exhibitions.” And one potential opponent that keeps coming up is Evander Holyfield!

The 57-year-old ALSO former heavyweight champ had already announced that HE was going to be fighting exhibition matches for charity. And Tyson-Holyfield 3 would get a LOT of attention. Especially since in their first fight, Tyson stunned the world when he BIT OFF part of Holyfield’s EAR in the second round!

Now, we don’t know this is the fight… but Holyfield’s recently posted training video certainly mirrors Tyson’s!

Let’s start with the positive. While it’s true Iron Mike’s heyday was around THIRTY years ago, he did start young. He became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history at age 20 when he knocked out Trevor Berbick in 1986. Factor in that George Foreman became heavyweight champ at 46, and it’s not so crazy to think Tyson could still have some game.

But let’s be real: Tyson’s last professional fight was a loss in 2005 to Kevin McBride, who wasn’t exactly highly regarded. And plenty think this is a bad idea, INCLUDING George Foreman, who said “Tyson has done enough great things for boxing. No more is needed.”

So where do I stand? It’s a fun idea, but why would I want to see ‘over the hill’ athletes competing when I could either watch NEW fights OR just watch the originals?! Also, boxing is only fun when the fighters are really going for it… and in this case, I’d just be scared for them!

So I think I’ll take a pass… but keep up those training videos, guys, because THOSE are dynamite! For Naked News, I’m Frankie Kennedy.

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