Naked News, Wednesday February 5, 2020

Naked News, Wednesday February 5, 2020

This is Naked News, I’m Marina Valmont! And beside me today is our sexy FLORIDIAN guest anchor, Pressly Ann!

Hi everyone, and hello Marina!! I’ve been looking forward to working with you!

So have I, you’re doing an awesome job this week by the way! Question for you, who’s your favorite female comedian? Well they’re really funny women but there’s a certain AUSSIE comedian who’s Trending right now because of the her recent BAFTA speech.

Here’s Laura to show you why!

The BAFTA Awards are the UK’s Oscars and Emmys all rolled into one. And this year’s big highlight wasn’t a winner – it was Australian comedian and actress, Rebel Wilson! She presented the Best Director award but it’s was her lead in speech that’s got everyone talking. Here’s a taste. Not bad, but if “lack of swag bags” hit, “lack of REPRESENTATION” killed! Well-played… or as her character in CATS might say, “meee-OWWW!”

Like it or not, Hockey is synonymous with fighting, I mean, it’s one of the reasons people watch, am I right! But every once in a while there’s an on-ice brawl that’s SO epic, it catches EVERYONE’S attention. There’s a lot of bad blood between the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames, and in their recent match up, it boiled over! Pretty brutal right, but the reason almost 2 million people have watched this clip, is what happens next! 2 goalies going at it. Oh Hockey, how I love thee!

Of course, this week was ALL about the Super Bowl. There was a LOT of excitement in the air as the Chiefs battled the Niners for their first championship in 50 years. And through all that excitement, people couldn’t stop talking about the most expensive nap in the history of naps! With tickets selling for THOUSANDS of dollars, you have to wonder what was happening in that persons life, for him to nod off like that. Nearly seven MILLION people watched that clip by the way.

Something else the internet couldn’t let go of was Shakira’s tongue-waggle during her halftime performance. It is officially, the most memed moment of entire game. We got Spongebob versions, goat versions, instructional videos, and more articles explaining its meaning than there were about the actual GAME! Though that might just be my perception, since I’m much less interested in football than I am in Shakira’s tongue!

And speaking of Super Bowl things that got tongues wagging, it’s time for our Hashtag Follow Me pick of the week! Kelly Kay rocketed onto our radar on Super Bowl Sunday for the BEST possible reason – she TRIED to streak on the field! I say tried because as you can see from the video, she didn’t make it very far before she was tackled by security. But any attempt at public nudity gets props from us. And though denied at the big game, this curvy blonde model DOES love to share her bodacious curves on-line. Including a behind that’d make a grown man weep! Thanks to her nearly-Super stunt, you can add us to her over three hundred thousand devoted followers on Instagram! And that, my friends, is what’s Trending Now!

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