Naked News, Wednesday February 26, 2020

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Hello, everyone, and a happy Hump Day to you all. I’m Laura Desiree…

I’m EA… okay, time to live out our dreams Laura: if you could pick any title for yourself, like the Duchess of Dance or the Princess of Perkiness, what would it be? Well, unfortunately for both of us, “the Hot Pockets heiress” is taken! Which we know because it’s been all over the news lately!

Here with the REASON everyone’s talking about her is Marianne in the Naked Newsroom!

Michelle Janavs, whose family invented Hot Pockets, is the latest to be sent to jail for the infamous college admissions scandal! She’s been sentenced to five months in prison, and will also have to pay a fine of a quarter of a million dollars! Janavs pleaded guilty in October, admitting she paid a hundred grand to have someone fix the answers on her daughters’ ACT exams. She’d also agreed to pay TWO hundred grand to have one daughter recruited to USC as a “beach volleyball player”.

Fashion tycoon Peter Nygard had his New York and California offices raided by the FBI. This follows allegations that he sexually assaulted and trafficked dozens of women and teenaged girls! While Nygard hasn’t been charged with anything yet, he is facing a civil lawsuit filed by ten women and is clearly under serious investigation. Long story short: Harvey Weinstein could be getting a new roommate!

And the Tokyo Olympics might end up getting cancelled due to the coronavirus! In a recent interview, a senior member of the International Olympic Committee said organizers have about three months to decide if they’re going to pull the plug! He emphasized that the Games were still on for now, but a final decision should be made by May. The modern-day Olympics have only ever been cancelled 5 times, all due to wars. Stay tuned for more Naked News.

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