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13 February 2020

Naked News, Wednesday February 12, 2020

Welcome to Naked News everyone, I’m Eila Adams. Lots to get to today, including the much anticipated return of Roxanne O’Neil! So let’s get things started and say hello to Tia Larose who’s going to get us up to speed on what’s Trending Now!

Hi Eila! quick question for you: If I told you a video of a STRIPPER was going viral, what would you figure the clip showed?

Hmm, either some crazy nasty dance, money raining down or possibly a punch to the face of a handsy customer!

All very good and very appropriate guesses as far as possible “viral stripper videos” go Eila. But this is no ordinary video. Let me show you why it’s trending now. Genea Sky was impressing the hell out of everyone at a Texas strip club recently, doing her thing on a pole about 20 feet in the air. Yeah, that’s pretty freaking high and then THIS happened. Oh My God that’s hard to watch. But watch it I did, about 7 times in a row because of how she landed, RIGHT ON HER FACE!! And it’s beyond me how she was able to jump right into a twerk! Girl’s not human! The clip has been viewed well over a million and a half times – and her GoFundMe page, to help pay for her injuries, including a broken jaw, quickly blew past its target.

This week also saw the Broom Challenge take over social media. The story was that NASA had announced that February tenth was the only day of the year you could balance a broom upright, because of gravitational pull. Now, NASA DIDN’T say that and it’s absolutely NOT true… but that didn’t stop people from taking up the challenge! That clip ALONE got over six and a half million views, and even got Paula Abdul to give it a try! Well, if anyone knows how to make a broom stand “Straight Up”, it’s her!

Another thing that blew up online this week was Wheel of Fortune! You know something had to be pretty extraordinary for THAT to happen. And it was, watch this person solve the puzzle with barely any clues. Unbelievable! Jessie Rebhan won thirty-seven thousand bucks for that – and MILLIONS of fans on social media!

Last but not least we have Marshall Mathers, AKA Eminem. A lot of people were confused about his performance at the Oscars on Sunday night, but apparently even MORE people either learned about his existence or were reminded that he’s pretty damn great. Within hours, EIGHT of his albums and SEVEN of his singles shot back onto the iTunes charts, with “Lose Yourself” becoming the number one single! Looks like he got TWO shots, TWO opportunities!

Now let’s take THIS opportunity to meet our Hashtag Follow Me pick of the week! Nienna Jade is a Miami-based fitness model, and damn is this girl fit! She proudly boasts she works out hard five days a week, with a special focus on her lower body. Which clearly means her booty, because it’s as perfect a posterior as you’ll ever see, and she LOVES to share it with her two point eight MILLION followers, which now, includes ME! I’m Tia Larose, and that’s what’s Trending Now!

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