Naked News, Tuesday May 19, 2020

Naked News, Tuesday May 19, 2020

I’m Frankie Kennedy. Welcome to Naked News! How many of you have watched THE LAST DANCE, the docu-series about the career of Michael Jordan? The final episodes have aired and now that they’re all released, I have to tell you, if you’re a Sports fan, this ESPN series is must see TV. The access their film crew had to the Bulls is incredible and it’ll give you a whole new perspective on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 90s. Marina Valmont is kicking off today’s show with a look this amazing series.

The Last Dance has finally come to its conclusion, and it’s been a hell of a ride! The 10-part ESPN series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s has not only given us the chance to see arguably the best teams in NBA history. It’s given us a behind-the-scenes look at the organization and the players. and while it isn’t always pretty, it IS always compelling!

The title “The Last Dance” is the same title coach Phil Jackson gave to the ’97-’98 season. Despite all the winning, GM Jerry Krause told the coach it would be his last season with the team. And then Jordan said he wouldn’t play for another coach. Obviously, a lot of drama! And while much of this series is about that one season, when the Bulls were going for their second three-peat, this doc jumps back-and-forth in time. Covering all kinds of things!

One thing’s for certain: anyone who watches The Last Dance will never look at Michael Jordan the same way again. You’ll still think he’s the greatest of all-time. Maybe even more so! But you might have a hard time liking him, even if you respect him. What we see here is a Michael Jordan who’s PATHOLOGICALLY competitive! He completely makes up slights to give himself extra motivation. and bullies and even assaults his teammates in an attempt to make them work harder!

And even in the present day interviews, he’s still at it, with the list of players he throws shade at including Clyde Drexler,

Gary Payton, Charles Barkley, and of course the much hated Isaiah Thomas! Pretty much the only regret Jordan admits to is punching Steve Kerr! If you just said “Wait, what?”, you HAVE to see this ESPN docuseries! All ten episodes of The Last Dance are available now on Netflix and ESPN. For Naked News, I’m Marina Valmont.

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