Naked News, Tuesday March 17, 2020

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Well hello, my dears and darlings! Welcome to Naked News. No one’s traveling right now, and for good reason, but we stumbled upon a cool new innovation from Air New Zealand that we couldn’t help but share. I guarantee that when we’re all flying again, and this is adopted by other airlines, it’ll help make the trips that much more enjoyable for those of you who fly economy, like me! Frankie’s got the details right now in Naked News Travels.

All fliers know that when it comes to long-haul trips, your choices are basically “economy and uncomfortable”, or an expensive upgrade to either business or First Class. Well, I’m happy to report that Air New Zealand is looking to CHANGE that!

The airline has unveiled plans for ECONOMY class SLEEPING PODS! Called “Economy Skynest”, the pod station isn’t full-on luxury, with each pod six and a half feet long by a little under two feet wide, similar to a berth on a naval ship. But each pod WOULD contain a basic mattress, pillow, sheets, earplugs, and a privacy curtain. Long story short: you’ll be able to read or sleep without ending up drooling on your seatmate’s shoulder!

Air New Zealand is currently testing the new pods out and are hoping for a FULL rollout in 2021. The downside here is that there would only be 6 six pods per plane, so they’re likely to be a hot ticket. But, if they’re a hit, look for other airlines to run with the concept, too.

Besides being cool and innovative, well done Air New Zealand, it opens a WHOLE new world as far as the mile high club is concerned. Can’t wait to hear the stories.

For Naked News, I’m Frankie Kennedy.

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