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22 July 2020

Naked News, Tuesday July 21, 2020

Greetings, one and all! I’m Eila Adams

I’m Laura Desiree, and this is Naked News!

We’re well into summer, Eila, and with travel still pretty much restricted for us, has it stopped you from making any big summer plans? Well, for many Americans, with the spread of coronavirus still in full swing, their travel options keep getting smaller and smaller.

The European Union isn’t allowing Americans in and now we can add another very popular destination to that list.

Alana’s in the Naked Newsroom with the details.

If you’re American and dreaming of a vacation in the Bahamas, keep dreaming! Because of the coronavirus, international commercial flights to the Caribbean nation will be banned as of Wednesday. With exemptions for those coming from Canada, the UK, and the European Union. This despite the fact that the majority of The Bahamas’ tourists come from the U.S., and tourism makes up HALF its GDP!

And if now you’re thinking of taking a cruise instead, think again. The CDC has has extended its “no-sail order”, meaning cruise ships won’t be allowed to operate in US waters until at least October. That order had been set to expire on July 24th. But if it makes you feel any better, America, Canada’s cruise ship ban runs until November!

And according to a new report, America’s poor diet is now so bad, it’s considered a threat to national security. That’s because poor nutrition is the leading cause of illnesses in the US. And the fact that over SEVENTY percent of Americans between 17 and 24 don’t qualify for military service, most often because of obesity! This according to the Federal Nutrition Research Advisory Group. The paper’s authors are calling for the expansion of federal investment in nutrition science and for “accelerating and strengthening” nutrition research. Or you can just become a vegan like me, and the health benefits will follow naturally! Don’t go away.

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