Naked News: Tuesday January 14, 2020

Naked News: Tuesday January 14, 2020

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is ALWAYS a hotspot for cool new tech, but Samsung-backed company Star Labs has just unveiled a product that has us particularly intrigued! It’s called Neon, and it’s… well, they’re calling it an artificial human!

No, those aren’t people excited about new technology. They ARE the new technology! They’re future versions of a few of Neon’s human avatars. And they were created completely BY technology! Unlike most avatars, they weren’t modeled after anyone, and nobody had to wear a motion-capture suit to demonstrate how they moved. Neon’s “Core R3” neural network can actually CREATE different faces, styles, movements, and expressions ITSELF!

Oh, and personalities too! Each Neon avatar learns from its interactions over time to actually become its own unique character. Hence, why they’re being hyped as artificial humans!

Don’t panic just yet. They’re still in the early stages of development: there’s a fair bit of “uncanny valley” going on during interactions, and they definitely haven’t learned to interact in a way that’ll fool anyone into thinking they’re real people yet.

Okay, not quite ready for a hangout, but Star Labs has BIG aspirations for their digital people! They foresee Neon characters as customer service reps, spokespeople, actors, and even TV anchors – though digital naked anchors will never replace REAL naked anchors, obviously.

I’m cautiously looking forward to seeing just how much more lifelike Neon can get. Like HAL would say “I’ve still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission.”

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