Naked News, Tuesday February 4, 2020

Naked News, Tuesday February 4, 2020

Welcome to Naked News! I’m Laura Desiree, alongside one of everyone’s ABSOLUTE favorite guests, the stunning Pressly Ann! Let’s start with a discussion on pets, are you a pet person? I have a bit of a confession to make, I, like many people out there, have an absolute obsession with Golden Retrievers. Do you understand what I’m talking about? Well, we’re starting today off with a warm-fuzzy story from the Super Bowl. And I mean “warm fuzzy” literally, because the star of it is a Golden Retriever! CLEARLY the best breed, so everyone prepare to “awww” NEXT with Eila Adams.

I’m a dog lover, and would do just about ANYTHING to help my Jackson if he ever got sick. And I know most dog people would do the same. But one man really raised the bar recently!

Scout is a lovable, goofy, 7 year old golden retriever. He suddenly collapsed last July, and was rushed to the vet by his owner, WeatherTech founder, David MacNeil. There, Scout was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his heart, and was given just a month to live. The vet recommended putting the pooch to sleep, but MacNeil wasn’t prepared to give up on his dog. Instead, he rushed him to the University of Wisconsin at Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.

The elite team there treated Scout with radiation and chemotherapy, and weeks later found the tumor had shrunk by a full ninety percent. And Scout is still living his “good boy” life. Well, MacNeil was SO grateful, he spent almost SIX MILLION dollars on an ad during the Super Bowl! The ad asked people to donate to the veterinary school, so it can do research that could save even more pets’ lives.

The ad went viral even before the big game. Sure, some people thought it was crazy, noting that money could’ve gone directly to animal welfare or directly to the school. But this kind of publicity raises awareness WAY more, and could help raise even MORE money for research. As the ad says…

We want our pets to live long, healthy, happy lives. Scout and his dad, David MacNeil, may just have helped us get closer to that ideal. In a sea of commercials hawking chips, beer and trucks, this was a breath of fresh air. And couldn’t we all use more of that? I sure think so. For Naked News, I’m Eila Adams.

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