Naked News, Tuesday February 18, 2020

Naked News, Tuesday February 18, 2020

Hello, everyone, I’m Laura Desiree, and welcome to Naked News. Instagram has amassed well over a billion active users, and is growing at the fastest rate of any of the major social platforms. And with users now spending close to an hour each day on the site, on average, its impact on our day to day lives has been significant. Especially our perceptions of the ideal body type. Here’s Isabella to explain.

Instagram is coming up on its ten-year anniversary, and while that’s nothing compared to how long Naked News has been around, Instagram has ALSO changed the world. Hashtag is now a noun and a verb. Everyone celebrates “Throwback Thursday.” People choose vacation destinations based on their visual appeal. And influencers can live large… even though an EGG has the platform’s most liked post!

But there’s also a deeper level to Instagram. In addition to sharing our lives, we also can use the platform to track something that often goes unsaid: what’s considered ideal beauty.

See, early in the decade, skinny tended to be the ideal. We all remember the excitement in 2013 over Thigh Gaps; in other words, legs that don’t touch above the knees! That was followed the next year by the Bikini Bridge, which is where bikini bottoms are elevated by the hip bones to create a gap underneath!

Obviously, both these trends require a level of skinniness that most women can’t achieve… and most women shouldn’t attempt!

But lately, the tide seems to be turning. In the latter half of the decade, hashtags like ‘thickfit’ started to gain momentum. And while there were still times when everyone was showing off their ribcages, the new ideal we’ve landed on for now isn’t too bad.

It’s Slim Thick… so basically a toned stomach, and then a whole lot of curves, including serious booty! Think J-Lo, Beyonce, and me… because why wouldn’t you think of us? And while the pendulum may swing back, let’s hope this relatively healthy look stays in vogue for awhile. ‘Cause let’s face it: whether we like it or not, we’re all Doing It For the Gram! For Naked News, I’m Isabella Rossini.

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