Naked News, Thursday March 19, 2020

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Hello, everyone, this is Naked News. As I’m sure fans of the show know, all of us here have very active fantasy lives… so it only makes sense that we’d want to help you with yours! But knowing that not EVERY fantasy can be of a sexual nature, we’ve got a TV series with the OTHER kind of fantasy. You know, the one with swords! Shannon’s ready with a sneak peek at The Letter for the King, Inside the Box.

The Letter for the King is the latest series trying to fill the ‘Game of Thrones’-sized hole in our lives. Everyone who wanted to has seen The Witcher, and Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series is still in the offing… so this six-part Netflix series is what we’ve got for now! And as a between-meal snack goes, it’s pretty tasty!

The Letter for the King is based on a Dutch book from 1962 that’s considered an absolute classic in the Netherlands! And much like the title implies, it’s the story of a Postal Quest. One that feels a little Lord of the Rings Light. Basically, a knight-in-training needs to deliver an intercepted letter to a faraway king, before the prince can sell out the good guys to an evil warring kingdom. And – surprise surprise – there are obstacles!

Pretty fun… and if you’re looking for a deeper connection to Lord of the Rings, Andy Serkis appears in this series. If only because his daughter is one of the leads! If you want to see her and the rest of these intrepid adventurers, all six episodes of The Letter for the King begin streaming on Netflix on Friday. I’m Shannon Blake, and that’s what’s happening, Inside the Box.

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