Naked News, Thursday February 27, 2020

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Welcome to Naked News everyone. We’ve got a jam-packed show for you today, so let’s get the ball rolling with Frankie Kennedy and the latest entertainment news. What’s shaking, Frankie?

Well, I think I’m about to make our viewers VERY happy EIla. What’s the number one request we get in our Feedback emails?

That’s easy – more twerking! Wait, are you going to twerk?

Not this time, but I AM going to share one HELL of a twerking video, courtesy of the woman who might just be the QUEEN of the twerk! In Entertainment news, Nicki Minaj’s sensational “booty moves” got EVERYONE’s attention in her Anaconda video, and the rapper recently proved she’s still GOT IT! She shared an awesome clip to her Instagram, and it quickly racked up nineteen MILLION views. It also got uploaded to PORNHUB! Fortunately, Nicki was cool with it, and even laughed at the vid’s caption on the site – “Juicy Thick Trinidadian Twerking”. Well, it ain’t lying!

If you’re following Billie Eilish on Instagram, you might not want to waste your time commenting on her posts. The singer has revealed that she no longer READS the comments, because of all the trolls. She said that it was weird that the “cooler things you get to do, the more people hate you”, and that reading all the negative comments was “ruining her life”. It sucks that so many people WANT to be the “Bad Guy”.

Rosario Dawson has OFFICIALLY come out as bisexual! If you THOUGHT she already had, you’re not alone, because in a 2018 Instagram post, she referred to her “Fellow LGBTQ homies”. But in a new interview, she said that wasn’t really a “come out come out”, but she was out now. She also said that she’s never been IN a queer relationship. She’s currently dating New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, or as we call him, “Lucky.”

Like a LOT of women, Katy Perry has a thing for firefighters! On the most recent episode of American Idol, viewers saw the auditions EVACUATED due to a gas leak. And when a few hot young firefighters showed up, Katie went full “damsel in distress”! Not gonna lie, I might have done the same thing. And if you’re wondering, everyone was okay, and they continued with the auditions.

And finally, here’s a sentence I never thought I’d say: Justin Bieber has just beaten a record set by Elvis Presley! At 25, Bieber has become the youngest solo artist to have SEVEN number one albums in the US! Elvis was 26 when he set the record, all the way back in 1961. It is worth mentioning that Bieber released his first chart-topper at 16, a full five years younger than Elvis was for his first. So it’s safe to say Elvis is STILL The King. That’s what’s happening in entertainment, for Naked News, I’m Frankie Kennedy.

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