Naked News, Monday March 23, 2020

Naked News, Monday March 23, 2020

Welcome, everyone, to a fresh new week here at Naked News. We’re going to jump right into the headlines today with Tia Larose, who’s got the latest COVID-19 updates. Here she is.

It looks like Americans are finally waking up to the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a new poll, fully sixty-six percent of people now say they’re at least somewhat concerned that they or someone in their family will get infected. That’s a jump from under FIFTY percent in February. In good news, eighty-eight percent of people say they’re washing their hands frequently. In BAD news, seven percent of people say they’re not following ANY of the health experts’ recommendations. To which *I* say, “Smarten up!”

With millions of people stuck at home, bored, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime are all SLOWING their download speeds across Europe. The European Commissioner had requested that Netflix reduce its bit rates, to essentially keep the pipeline running smoothly, and the other streamers followed suit. This COULD also come to the US, where it’s expected that broadband capacity will get more and more strained.

And the US Surgeon General is asking KYLIE JENNER to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Dr. Jerome Adams says that influencers like Kylie, along with others like NBA player Kevin Durant, will be key to making people realize that the threat IS serious. And hopefully take recommended precautions. Because, judging by the giant Spring Break crowds Laura, a LOT of younger people definitely AREN’T taking those precautions!

And they’re seriously pissing me off! So come on, Kylie, save us! See you in a bit Tia. ll right, as more and more places are implementing “stay at home” orders, people are coming up with some nifty distractions to pass the time and stay sane. Marina’s found a few of the best to help inspire you. Here she is, in Naked Goes Pop.

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