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7 July 2020

Naked News, Monday July 6, 2020

Welcome everyone, I’m Isabella Rossini and THIS is Naked News! We’re back after the 4th of July long weekend, and I hope yours was just as awesome as ours was! Either way, it was probably a better weekend than that experienced by Italy’s Camorra organized crime group. They were just involved in the largest drug busts the world has ever seen. Laura has the details for us right now in the Naked Newsroom.

Isabella, calling this a MASSIVE drug bust, only barely describes it! Following an extensive investigation, Italian police confiscated a mind-boggling FIFTEEN-point-four TONS of methamphetamine tablets from shipping containers at the port of Salerno. The eighty-four million pills had a street value of over one point one BILLION dollars, making it the biggest bust ever recorded. It’s also a blow to terrorist group ISIS, as the pills were allegedly produced by the extremist group, and much of the money would have funded their activities.

After three months at home, people in England enjoyed their first night out Saturday as the country loosened coronavirus restrictions. Pubs, restaurants, and movie theaters were reopened, with social distancing rules, and people took full advantage. Police reported streets in some places were gridlocked as people headed to campsites and holiday spots, as overnight stays away from home are now permitted as well. Let’s just hope people don’t get complacent!

And passengers on a private jet flying from Colorado to Sardinia, Italy, were blocked from entering the country due to COVID-19 restrictions. Not too surprising, since US citizens have been banned from the EU since mid-March. Upon arrival at the Sardinian airport, the plane’s passengers, five of whom were US citizens, were kept in a waiting area for fourteen hours in hopes a solution could be found. But ultimately, the group got back on the plane and took off for Birmingham, England. Hopefully, they realized the UK is requiring US travelers to quarantine for 14 days! A rather expensive miscalculation I’d say. Don’t go away!

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