Naked News: Monday January 13, 2020

Naked News: Monday January 13, 2020

David Drummond has just resigned as the chief legal officer for Google’s parent company Alphabet. And he did it under the cloud of a sexual misconduct investigation. The 56-year-old is accused of having several extramarital affairs with staffers throughout his 18 years with the company, even getting one underling pregnant. I guess he saw the writing on the wall because in the past few weeks Drummond sold 77 million worth of Alphabet stock, and an additional 100 million in the last 2 months. I think he’ll be ok.

Former Boeing CEO Dennis Mullenberg was fired in late December, and now we know just how golden his parachute was! According to the company, Mullenberg is walking away with SIXTY-TWO-POINT-TWO MILLION dollars! Mullenberg was fired after the company had to ground its best-selling plane under his watch, the 737 Max, AND messed up the response to two crashes.

The laughter is dying down at CollegeHumor! Its parent company is planning to sell the comedy website, and in anticipation will be laying off roughly a hundred employees, leaving only five to ten people. Though the digital landscape has changed a lot since the site’s heyday, it still apparently gets more than fifteen million unique monthly visitors… so here’s hoping it bounces back, just like many a college student after a rough night! Don’t go away!

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