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11 February 2020

Naked News, Monday February 10, 2020

Hello, everyone, I’m Eila Adams, and I hope you still have your Oscar buzz! Sunday was Hollywood’s biggest night, and Laura Desiree’s ready with all the divine details!

Divine is right, Eila, because this year’s Oscars were a scientific miracle: no host, but a lot of Parasite! That film was the big winner on the night, becoming the first foreign-language film to EVER win Best Picture. But of course, there were lots of winners, including the audience. We got memorable speeches, unexpected musical numbers, and glamor galore! I’ll run through it all a little later in a special entertainment feature. Back to you Eila.

Thanks, Laura. Definitely looking forward to that! But first up, we’re heading over to Isabella Rossini, who’s in the Naked Newsroom with today’s headlines, starting with the latest from beleaguered Australia.

In the news today, parts of Australia are FINALLY seeing rainfall – in fact, it’s the heaviest rain Sydney’s seen in thirty years. The precipitation extinguished two of New South Wales’ massive bushfires, including one that had been called “too big to put out”. But unfortunately, it looks like the country just can’t catch a break! The rainfall was SO torrential that it caused flash flooding and massive power outages.

The college admissions scandal has taken down another wealthy parent! Douglas Hodge, the retired head of one of the US’ top investment firms, has been sentenced to nine months in prison! Hodge had pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering, and to paying eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars in bribes to get four of his children into top universities as phony athletic recruits.

A British Airways Boeing 747 has set a new record for the fastest-EVER subsonic flight from New York to London. And they weren’t even trying! An exceptionally strong jet stream gave the plane a boost, allowing it to hit a top speed of eight hundred and twenty five miles per hour. The plane landed nearly TWO HOURS ahead of schedule, making the trip in four hours and fifty-six minutes. That’s seventeen minutes faster than the old record!

And finally, France’s competition and fraud watchdog has slapped Apple with a twenty-seven million dollar fine for intentionally slowing down older iPhone models. Apple acknowledged the practice, but said it was to “smooth out” battery performance and protect the devices’ electronics. That’s apparently TRUE, Eila… but the watchdog said that iPhone owners should have been WARNED about it ahead of time.

It definitely LOOKS like they just want to get people to upgrade. But I guess it’s a “two birds, one stone” thing for them! Thanks Isabella! Okay, now it’s time for the glitz and glamor of the Oscars! And who better to deliver THAT than our own star, Laura Desiree!

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