Naked News, Monday April 6, 2020

Naked News, Monday April 6, 2020

Hello, my dears, I’m Laura Desiree, and welcome to Naked News. We’re starting off with the celebration of a couple of historic moments today. The FIRST, is my birthday! Yes, thank you very much. I normally like to really go all out for my birthday but it’s kind of challenging in the situation we all find ourselves in right now. Next year! Okay, and the SECOND historic moment we’re celebrating today, is the Queen of England and her RARE address to the nation over the weekend, calling for unity amid the coronavirus pandemic. Tia’s standing by in the Naked Newsroom with the details.

Anyone who saw the movie The King’s Speech knows how powerful it can be when Britain’s sovereign leader addresses the nation. Especially in a time of crisis. Which is why the Sunday address by 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is getting so much love. Well put, as I’m sure the tens of millions who watched would agree. And it carries extra weight given the rarity of such a moment: outside of her Christmas speeches, this was only the fourth time in her NEARLY SEVENTY YEAR reign that she’s made an address like this!

In other news, Germany is getting ready to launch a smartphone app that could help track down coronavirus infections. It would be similar to Singapore’s TraceTogether app, which basically keeps a record of the close-proximity ‘handshakes’ between smartphones. That way, when someone tests positive for COVID-19, you’ve got a readily available list of people who might be at risk. Due to privacy concerns, the app won’t use location data… and it’s expected to be good to go in a few weeks.

And because of the coronavirus pandemic, Corona beer is no longer being brewed… but it’s NOT because of the name! The Mexican government has officially declared a health emergency and shut down all non-essential activities. Which apparently includes breweries! That said, Corona’s maker Grupo Modelo has made it clear that if the government at some point gives beer the go-ahead as an “agro-industrial” product, it’s ready! According to a statement, Laura, the company has a plan that would see more than three-quarters of its staff working from home while still “guaranteeing the supply of beer.”

That’s good, because beer will definitely be “essential” come summer time! Thanks, Tia. Now with all this coronavirus news, and self isolation, we know it can be hard to keep your spirits up. But each and every day we try our best to brighten your mood. And we THINK we’re doing a pretty good job. But just in case there are any doubters out there, Marina’s got something for you to enjoy right now in Entertainment.

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