Naked News, Friday May 22, 2020

Naked News, Friday May 22, 2020

Hello, everyone, I’m Marina Valmont, welcome to another wonderful weekend edition of Naked News. These days, everyone’s watching a lot of TV, but it’s good to know that even before the pandemic , producers had cracked the code to grabbing attention: nudity! Tia’s kicking off today’s show with THREE pilots featuring starlets in the buff.

It’s time to get Hollywood Xposed, with the help of our friends at Mr. Skin. Elle Fanning stars in the Hulu series The Great, and she’s the titular character in more ways than one. She plays Catherine the Great, and she’s HERSELF great, particularly when she disrobes for her husband. Alas, she doesn’t put the ‘tit’ in ‘titular’, but she does put the ‘fanny’ in ‘Fanning’. Sorry, Brits, North American definition of ‘fanny’… though given the subject, you should be RUSSIAN to see it!

Susan Park lets us know there’s no piercer like Snowpiercer in the first episode of the TNT series. Yes, this is based on the movie of the same name, and it’s post-apocalyptic… but it seems things are going SWIMMINGLY for Susan. And since she goes nude, swimmingly for us! Definitely a scene that’ll make you want to spend time in the Park!

Suzanne Clement stars in the French Netflix series Inhuman Resources, and it’s almost inhuman how good she looks getting out of the shower. Unfortunately, she does get that towel on pretty fast, but I’m sure some viewers will still feel a little wet! If nothing else, this series should inspire men to French!

Moving on to movies, you’ve heard us talk a lot about Seberg, and now you can SEE Kristen Stewart’s BERGS on demand! Yes, unlike Elle Fanning in the earlier story, Kristen DOES put the ‘tit’ in ‘titular’, TWICE! Both times giving Antony Mackie a visual SNACKIE! When it comes to getting our motor running, Kristen’s our piston!

And finally, Alba Ribas can now be seen on Netflix in the Spanish comedy I Love You, Stupid… and you will be stupid if you aren’t saying “I love you” to Alba by the end! Especially since her breasts are on full display in TWO sex scenes. So if you’re in the kind of relationship where you have a ‘celebrity cheat list’, you might want to arrange a free pass for Ribas! With your latest round-up of celebrity skin, I’m Tia Larose.

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