XConfessions by Erika Lust, La Mujer y el Pescador

La Mujer Y El Pescador Xconfessions

Director Núria Nia

Performers Jowy & Eze, Jowy, Eze

A salty fisherman & a wild pink-haired woman meet in a secluded Spanish cove

Las playas solitarias de la Costa Brava, la pesca tradicional, los hombres de mar y su piel tersa, sus duras arrugas, sus ojos brillantes, las noches de luna sobre el mar, las olas cambiantes, el olor de la sal, el primer contacto frío con el agua, el sendero en el bosque, las plantas de la colina que resisten el viento del norte, las piedrecitas de la arena que se quedan pegadas a la piel, los moluscos incondicionalmente enganchados en las rocas, el aire batiendo en la vela de un barco… la costa brava está llena de sensaciones placenteras para los sentidos.

Desde pequeña he pasado horas en esas playas, algunas de mis primeras experiencias con chicos fueron en esos parajes únicos. Siempre imaginé a un pescador solitario llegando a mi cala a punto para el atardecer, cuando yo leía las últimas páginas de mi libro y estaba casi a punto de irme, pero él me invitaría a quedarme…

*all stills by Xavier Baragona

The solitary beaches of the Costa Brava, the traditional fishing, the seamen and their smooth skin, hard wrinkles and bright eyes, the moonlit nights on the sea, the changing waves, the smell of salt, the first cold contact with the water, the path in the forest, the plants on the hillside which withstand the north winds, the pebbles in the sand that get stuck to the skin, the barnacles unconditionally hooked onto the rocks, the air beating against the sail of a ship… the Costa Brava is full of pleasurable sensations for the senses.

Since I was a little girl I’ve spent hours on those beaches, some of my first experiences with boys were in those unique places. I always imagined a lone fisherman coming to my cove ready for sunset, as I read the last pages of my book and am almost ready to leave, he would invite me to stay… — By brava

Erika’s comment
Welcome Núria Nia! A new Guest Director on XC, she was inspired to shoot a scene at this incredible cove on the Costa Brava, near our very own Barcelona! She also worked with Jowy & Eze, our favorite circus performing duo who have that perfect Spanish gorgeousness to match the incredibly beautiful setting! I love this film a huge amount, it just makes me want to jump into the salty Spanish sea!

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