Ersties Leyla Self Love Fantasy With Leyla (44)
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26 June 2020

Ersties Leyla – Self-love fantasy with Leyla

Ersties Leyla will take your breath away with her premiere: Instead of having her solo shoot started with an interview, she’s got a hot surprise for you, which has to do with her diary and sexy Ersties girl Regina.
Self-love fantasy with Leyla

Leyla wants so show you her hot solo shoot! She has also come up with something very special for her Ersties video: In a playful clip she writes in her diary about how she imagines a wild night with another woman.

Fittingly, she films a seductive rendezvous with Regina just a few days later, so we could combine fantasy and reality into a tantalising clip…

As Leyla masturbates on her bed and in the bath, she imagines Regina’s body moaning under, on, behind and beside her at the same rhythm…

Introduction- Leyla

Leyla in Action 1

Leyla in Action 2