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Rachel asked us round to show us more of her feminine charms. We talked openly about sex and her preferences in the bedroom, and she shared how she often wonders how unfortunate it is to only have two hands. More hands mean more pleasure of course!

Anything goes

Originally from London, open-minded Rachel prefers living in Berlin, a city that she says is “better for open relationships“. That’s also her boyfriend’s argument. The excitement of being watched by him while she’s fucking another guy is totally worth it. Despite always playing the dominant part Rachel’s relationship is fun and she’s more than happy with it.

Having a poetic vein Rachel radiates a sense of calm which in today’s shoot slowly turns into heat. You can tell by watching her touching her body that she’s not new to the job! Especially when it’s time to bring out some ‘tools’ shall we say!

If her big eyes didn’t already capture your imagination then be prepared for a girl dressed in straps, gloves and red nails to turn the heat up!


Interview with Rachel

Rachel in Action 1

Rachel in Action 2

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