– Lustery: Selina & Alex Lustery, Selina & Alex

Selina (23) and Alex (24) are from Spain. They have tons of fun letting their hot-blooded spirits rein free in front while our camera is rolling. A quick introduction of themselves is all they can manage before they start their heated embrace.

Their lovemaking begins with a hot, intimate make-out session. Alex shows Selina his linguistic acrobatics, and in turn she covers him in passionate, voracious kisses. When she can’t take it anymore, she strips off her clothes – a special invitation that Alex is all too happy to accept: now he can lick her and lovingly fondle her down below.

He’s totally enjoying every moment – and you can too, with the camera in optimal position, up close and personal! Only for you… Selina enjoys all of Alex’s moves on her. With lots of manual stimulation, he soon penetrates her with his penis, and it seems that she’s already close to climaxing. The couple tries out a number of different positions: missionary, doggy-style, standing up – but always with a condom. And when Selena works over his best piece with her lips, Alex can barely contain himself.

Shortly before Alex cums, there’s one more change in position. And then another… their session is so heavy that there are even aftershocks!

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