– Lustery: Molly & Jon – Lustery: Molly & Jon

Molly and Jon briefly wave to the camera, and then the action starts. Jon covers his Molly with hot kisses, and in turn Molly gets down to business, exerting her whole body. All of a sudden, she even takes the camera into her own hands…

The lens is barely in focus and the couple has already started their hot lovemaking. Jon begins with eager kisses, then gives Molly a full pampering. They’re enjoying every second. And they’re happy to let you enjoy it up close and personal, too: Molly quickly grabs the camera so you can experience things from their point of view… Molly pampers Jon with body lotion as she simultaneously works over his penis with every trick in the book. At certain points, they’re going at it so hard that the bed shakes the camera a bit. But Molly is always ready to keep things on track.

Suddenly the tide turns and Jon takes the active role – and Molly totally loves it when he passionately takes her. Of course the kissing continues. Everywhere! Nearly no part of the body gets neglected. Jon knows exactly what he’s doing, and Molly can’t stop herself from crying out in pleasure, again and again. All of the sudden, Molly brings a surprise into the picture. Wanna know what it is? And that’s not even the end of their hot session – just after the climax, they have one more tidbit in store.

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