Lustery, Kim & Paolo
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12 February 2020 – Lustery: Kim & Paolo

Kim and Paolo have been inseparable for some time. But actually, they’re no ordinary couple. – their relationship is mainly based on sex. They do it almost anytime, anywhere. Once, they had oral sex while skating and almost got caught by the cops…

Whatever Paolo’s doing with his tongue in Kim’s pussy, it’s clearly bringing her to extreme levels of bliss. And while he’s at it, he always manages to get a great angle with the cam, so you can get a great view of all the action. After all this intense caressing, Pablo deserves a treat of his own, doesn’t he? Kim thinks so. When she pulls out his best piece in public, the police officers don’t seem to appreciate it. These two recently found that out… but there was still a happy ending, they tell us with an impish grin.

Kim admits that, in their outdoor lovemaking experiences, hardly any of the spots they chose were well secluded. But sex in bed is absolutely her thing as well. And when Paolo hears Kim’s loud groaning, he knows that he’s got all the right moves as he penetrates her. Sometimes from the front, sometimes from behind – Paolo sets the pace. And Kim never stops enjoying it!

From the get-go, their camera is pointed directly at the “center of the action”. Including right when Kim hits her climax. But that’s not all – Paolo is not quite finished with his sweetie.

Just a few moments later, she kneels down beside the bed, looking forward what’s coming next. And this position is the way to be. The lens is in sharp focus – so check out what Paolo’s about to do with Kim…!

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