Lustery Fiona B. & Maik
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3 February 2020 – Lustery: Fiona B. & Maik

Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Fiona and Maik share an apple upon her picnic blanket. Then, half-naked, they find themselves a suitable hiding spot nearby. After all, what they’re about to get up to isn’t for everyone’s eyes…

The two turtledoves Fiona (24) and Maik (26) are out in the woods, and they just can’t keep their hands off one another. They are totally turning each other one, and, sitting on a picnic blanket, Maik looks at his girlfriend in anticipation as she starts to strip down. Then, wearing just a skimpy top and a string bikini, she draws nearer to him.

After the couple finds a suitable hiding spot, Maik is captivated by his lover – literally, as Fiona uses rope to tie him up to a tree, then spoils him using every trick in the book. Our camera documents every single move that the forest wildlife makes – Maik and Fiona try out all sorts of different positions, and they break a sweat doing so. Soon enough, she grabs the camera and records him from her perspective, and vice versa. When she’s lying on the forest ground completely naked, it happens. What, exactly? Check it out for yourself!

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