– Kinuski & Luna V – The Opposite of Prude – Kinuski & Luna V – The Opposite of Prude

Kinuski from the cold north and Luna from the warm south… these girls couldn’t be more contrary. But as we already know, opposites attract! This shoot is an experiment for both ladies and a very special one at that!

The Opposite of Prude

We already know Kinuski from her solo shoot here at Ersties and, naturally, we wanted to see more of this shy blonde girl. Kinuski is a very interesting woman because of her shyness you would never expect the dominatrix within her… She is always ready to try out something new, like using a strap-on or commanding a partner.

Future fashion designer Luna, from Italy, lives and studies in Berlin. Her creativity is also visible through her look. On her amazing body we can spot beautiful tattoos and piercings that with no doubt are also clearly attractive to her friend Kinuski.

Today’s shoot seems endless! Good for us all, because who wants it to end!?

Interview with Kinuski & Luna V

Kinuski & Luna V in Action 1

Kinuski & Luna V in Action 2