– A Hot Boat Ride with Amarna Amarna (104)

Fiery Spaniard Amarna is an art student as well as an art model. As it turns out, though, she’s quite bored by her chosen discipline. Why sketch up inanimate objects when mapping out a nice living body is much more exciting? That’s why she’s more into photography and media arts rather than painting. For her studies, she travels back and forth between Spain and the USA. When she’s not studying, she keeps busy with the “nicest pastime in the world”. Ooh la la!

In Amarna’s opinion, the human body wasn’t made to be hidden under clothing. And why should it be? Everyone’s body has something beautiful about it. Unfortunately, most people have a sense of bodily shame, too, she thinks. As for herself, this is definitely not the case. In fact, she loves showing off her birthday suit. Ever since she began modeling for art, her attitude on sexuality has shifted. She’s become far more open than she ever was before.

When she has sex with women, she likes being dominant; with guys she happily takes on the submissive role. When with big, strong guys, she automatically feels helpless – and somehow enjoys it.

She also likes being watched while having sex. Well, what a perfect fit she is for our camera, then!

Interview with Amarna part 1

Interview with Amarna part 2

Amarna in action part 1

Amarna in action part 2


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