Emilee Ann Miller in Taste of Summer – Playboy Plus

Emilee Ann Miller In Taste Of Summer Playboy Plus (8)

Get a taste of summer in this vibrant pictorial from the Playboy Muse, Emilee Ann Miller. On location in Los Angeles, Emilee welcomes the hot day in lace lingerie as the photographer, Tina Louise, captures her. “I come alive in front of the camera,” says Emilee of herself. “I enjoy the release.” Sipping on champagne, Emilee moves effortlessly from the balcony to the pool. Snacking on fruit, it’s the perfect pool day as she begins to tell us more about herself. “Some words I live by are kindness, confidence, and passion,” she says. “I put forth incredible effort into anything or anyone I’m passionate about. I’m a people pleaser and go with the flow — I can usually fit into any crowd or circumstance.” When she’s relaxing like this, Emilee loves to spend her time catering to herself. “What do I enjoy in my spare time? Anything that relieves stress, like workouts, yoga, hikes, or even a long talk with my mom.” When it comes to being a part of Playboy, Emilee is thrilled. “I feel extremely honored,” she says. “My experience has been A+ all around — nothing but admiration and respect! Scroll down to see the video…


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