Brittany is In Focus – Playboy Plus

Brittany Is In Focus Playboy Plus (17)

“Playboy is both vulnerable and strong — two things I feel very connected to,” says Newcomer, Brittany. Coming to Playboy Plus from a small town in northern Colorado, Brittany is now on set in Los Angeles with the photographer, Sophia Sinclair, for her first pictorial. “It feels so good to be a part of something that speaks on sexuality amongst other important topics. I have loved Playboy for quite some time,” says Brittany. Lounging on set in silk shorts and a peach-colored sweater, we got to know more about her as she posed for there camera. “When I first got into modeling, I was never hesitant to pose implied or anything of that matter,” she says. “I think I have an innate sexuality that I’m comfortable with, and I love how Playboy showcases that.” When it comes to her figure, Brittany loves her curves. “I feel very womanly with them,” she says. “They make me feel like a woman, just like other things make other women feel that way.” Want to see more of Brittany? Check back soon, right here on Playboy Plus.

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