Another Sex Dimension – XConfessions

Another Sex Dimension – XConfessions

Director Sally Fenaux Barleycorn

Performers Bishop Black,
What happens next is out of this world – or to be precise – out of this dimension

I had been waiting centuries for you to come and find me.

In my temple of concrete isolation.

At the touch of me, red arrows of desire shoot through your body.

Can you feel me?

All joy is due to me, can you see me?

Silent and starving, I hunger for you.

Just one more step.

Enter in my light and feel what it means to be free.
— By The Poet From Another World
Erika’s comment

Erotic Sci-Fi Queen Sally Fenaux is back. A magical red light takes a group of curious youngsters to another sex dimension. I love Sally’s work, because nobody understands mixing reality and fiction, present and future like she does. Sally has a remarkable talent for taking very real life topics and transforming them into something completely unexpected and surreal.

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